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The nine mandatory ingredients of the USBcore are: usb.c, hub.c, hcd.c, urb.c, message.c, config.c, file.c, buffer.c and sysfs.c.If, when configuring the kernel, you set CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS to yes, add three more items to the USBcore list: devio.c, inode.c and devices.c.The completion handler is a member of the URB structure called complete, a pointer to a function in the URB struct. URBs are allocated by calling usb_alloc_urb(), and they are freed with a call to usb_free_urb().Three helper methods are available to help fill URBs: usb_fill_control_urb(), usb_fill_bulk_urb and usb_fill_int_urb.usb_disconnect(struct usb_device **pdev) also is a USBcore method implemented in usb.c.The usb_disconnect() calls usb_disable_device() which disables all the endpoints for a USB device. This is an asynchronous call, and it returns immediately.

Four types of transfers exist: control transfers, bulk transfers, interrupt transfers, and high speed isochronous (ISO) transfers.We want to be able to send a kill signal (SIGKILL) when cleaning up, so we enable this by calling allow_signal(SIGKILL) immediately after creating khubd.Usually, when you run and look at the khubd process, you see that it is sleeping, denoted by the letter S.The name comes from chapter 9 of the USB 2.0 specification.Currently, there are two specifications for USB, 2.0 and 1.1.

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