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These 14 centuries have been periodised variously by modern historiography and Roman law studies.The following is based on the most common division to be found in Roman law manuals: Monarchy (753–509 BC), Republic (509–27 BC), Principate (27 BC–284 AD) and Dominate (284–565 AD).

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Roman law and its sources, above all the Justinianic Codification – the so called Corpus Iuris Civilis – have left an indelible imprint on the development of law in Europe and laid the foundation of many European legal systems.

The role of Roman law within the legal science in the Middle Ages and the modern period will therefore also be treated here.

The Romans themselves made the distinction between public law and private law.

The most famous formulation of this distinction stems from the jurist Domitius Ulpianus (ca. 228 AD): "Ius publicum est quod ad statum rei romanae spectat, privatum quod ad singulorum utilitatem" (Public law is that which relates to the system of the Roman state, and private law that which relates to the interests of the individual: Digest

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He is also known as "The last Roman Emperor" and was the emperor who reconquered the city of Rome from the Ostrogoths.