Social anxiety dating site

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Social anxiety dating site

Unless you’re on a date with a truly horrible person, chances are that a) they won’t notice and b) if they do notice, they won’t like you any less.

Dating is fun, and you shouldn't have to rule it out because of your social anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety and would like to seek help or advice, Anxiety UK offers support, help and information.

I manage my anxiety using a few methods that have worked for me, but many people with anxiety seek help from health professionals, which can be very effective. The prospect of approaching a good-looking stranger in person fills me with absolute horror. When I’m messaging a match on Tinder or Hinge, I feel more confident and reassured just knowing that I talk to a member of the opposite sex without blushing or feeling sick.

Getting to know someone ahead of a date really helps to assuage any fears I have about first encounters.

Whether you choose to seek help or self-treat, anxiety is one of the most treatable mental disorders.

The condition can present itself during any social situation; from everyday interactions at work, school and even while shopping, to social events, including parties and activities with peers.

Some of the emotional symptoms of social anxiety can involve feelings of embarrassment or shame, panic attacks, a fear of being perceived in a negative light, and feeling foolish.

Just knowing that I have conversation topics to fall back on significantly reduces my anxiety.

When it comes to the date itself, I often panic about the physical manifestations of social anxiety. There’s not much you can do when your face is bright red, other than hope your date is attracted to rosy complexions.

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I’m 27 years old and I’d like to make sure I don’t waste my young years feeling anxious.

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