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yet when I went to the Air Canada check-in counter over 2hrs prior my return flight (AC176) I was told that their system was showing my return suspended by United and to call United as they owned the ticket...which I did and was told to go to United check-in....which I did to find it deserted..the time someone showed-up I had missed my told that United system had no trace of my booking or even of me flying with United the night before and that's why my return-flight was suspended..reason being that the booking was made via Orbits and that United had no access to any of the data...therefore, I was to called Orbits.

Yet, Orbits confirmed what Air Canada told me, that the ticket was own and canceled by United and after spending 2hrs with Orbits, I was told that without explanation or apology United had just booked me for the next day to arrive 7 hours later than original booking...compensation, food or hotel was offered when asked.

I strongly suggest they fly on a South West to experience real warm customer service.

With 8 domestic hubs and 1 international hub the United fleet is 715 strong with over 375 destinations.

We spent almost 2 and a half hours on the landing strip in the airplane in Wyoming and then flew back to Denver to land.

Because of such a long delay we missed our connection and had to wait in a customer service line- (the only one open at the time) for three hours to speak to a representative.

I would be more than glad to send you a copy of our itinerary from that day.

Thank you so much for your time in this matter, Leslie Murphy On 10/9/17, I had take a United flight from Akron Ohio(flight UA4716) to Houston TX with a layover in Chicago(flight UA1218).

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No compensation was given for hotel or meals or rental cars.

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