Dating hare krishna devotee

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Dating hare krishna devotee

They believe in simple living and are prohibited from eating meat, gambling, intoxication and sex outside marriage.They were denounced by some parents as a cult, though scholars say it represents an orthodox version of Hinduism.

Artificial insemination would have been far more humane.If you think that Hare Krishnas disappeared when the Age of Aquarius ended, look in the next cubicle– they may be working in your office, wearing a suit, with a full head of hair.This week the Hare Krishnas celebrate their 40th anniversary, and they’ve joined the American mainstream.Around 700 alumni of ISKCON schools where abuse took place have signed a petition advocating a policy of zero-tolerance for child-abusers, in which "confirmed" child abusers would be barred from leadership positions in ISKCON. Many former ISKCON members are today living what they call "Krishna conscious" lifestyles, adhering to Hare Krishna rules and beliefs without affiliating with the organization, or affiliating with new Krishna-focused groups.At the same time, much of what made the Hare Krishnas stand out as unusual in the '60s and '70s has become part of mainstream American spirituality, including yoga, vegetarianism, chanting, and concepts like karma and reincarnation.

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At today's temples, young people in jeans and t-shirts worship alongside middle-aged white men in saffron robes and Indian immigrants in flowing saris.

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